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Our Designers

Pat and Marcia Maffei's first shop opened on Main Street, Tiburon in 1981. Their imaginative, innovative style and superior customer service quickly set them apart from the others.

In 1989, The Maffei's decided to close their Tiberon shop to open a new design studio in San Anselmo. Their focus was on creating exquisite floral arrangements and decor for events ranging from small dinner parties to large formal weddings and celebrations. Their designs have been featured in several magazines and publications over the years.

Quality is a key element of their design success. Marcia has been marketing for over 30 years and prides herself on hand-picking the finest quality and most unusual variety of flowers and design materials she can find. She is know as one of the "early birds" at the Flower Market and the results are apparent. This careful selection is one of the many details that have set them apart from other flower companies for over three decades.